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GIF of my book for Challenge Three:  Angel’s Lore

Den of Angels Great Triathlon


My DoA contest entries :) I didn’t win, but it was fun and I am burning the triathlon ones as soon as trash day comes along

I’m glad I can finally post everything, it was really tough not to slip up and put things online!

Congratulations on all the DoA contest winners!


I participated in the DoA customization contest, didn’t win anything but I’m glad I took a part. :) The head is pretty much dipped in shimmer powder but none of it shows. ^^;

This is Supia Nael, commission for a friend. :3


I paperdollified Kessie. For the DoA surprise contest. 

This was actually really, really fun to do xD


Well, since I didn’t win anything, you can at least get a better view of what I made for the DOA contest; the decade was the 1960s.  The leather vest and moccasins were hand laced, and all the pieces were hand beaded.


Thanks to the wonderful inspiration of the Paper Doll DoA contest, I made this paper doll of my Blue Pierrot (David Bowie MNM on Dollshe Pure). Since I get a constant stream of requests for my Bowie-character dolls - which are absolutely not for sale - I think I’ll make a line of articulated paper dolls available for purchase on Etsy, sparkly brads included. A doll of a doll of a character is transformative enough for me not to be guilty of infringing on Mr. B’s personality rights.


my entry for the doa photo contest xDD

i had a lot of fun making those snails, and now charlie and jelly have snail friends to play with <333

+ Unsecreting my thiiiings


I didn’t win anything, but I didn’t get zero votes either, so yay, I guess!


This as my entry for Challenge 3 of 3 for the contest The Great Triathlon Exalted! hosted by Den of Angels.

Challenge#3: Angel’s Lore was about building a book with a book binding technique and telling the story of doll. Then make a GIF of the book and take an artistic photo of the things we made in the 3 challenges all together.

I made the face and filligre on the cover of the book and the wing inside it. IN all challenges we’d a 20usd limit of spending as we were encouraged to recycle materials we already had. This was great for me as I spent little because I hoard craft materials xD

We’d to make each challenge weekly and we knew the next challenge after the previous challenge was finished. It’s really tiring, specially having other deadlines but it was fun. This was my favorite challenge of the 3.

GoodbyeYouHelloMe on DOA posted this on her blog that is so sweet you must read. It makes me really happy the messages she sent me ^^. She’s offering $10usd faceups btw, click here for info

So I won 4th place thanks to whomever voted for me. You’d to use an alias to make it more fair and for the most part is really a good idea ^^. You can see all the winners here and THIS is my prize and I’m thrilled because that bear is adorable and I really wanted it =)

These photos were taken with Carmen' (my mother in law) camera at my home.