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Peak’s Woods at Dollism USA on Flickr.

Beautiful, unique, amazing dolls from Peak’s Woods at Dollism. 


Switch Boys at Dollism USA on Flickr.

From left to right - Seowo, Soseo and Seolrok.


Some of my photos of Soom’s table at Dollism Plus Ny!
All these dolls were just too gorgeous for words, it was incredible to see them in person.


So glad I and finally post this! 
It was my entry to the 2014 Dollism USA photo contest; I won! Ee first prize! 

The theme was ‘Celebration’ and I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather photograph than my fav Vinessa and her beau, Hadrian. :iconpreludetocake: and I hopped in the car to go to a gazebo in a park near our place but an actual wedding was happening there! We ended up going to the library which I think worked a lot better for what we were going for. 

Vinessa is a Migidoll Jina on a Spiritdoll Proud body
Hadrian is a LLDT Roderick on a Popodoll 68cm body


Some photos from some of the lovely Dollism Plus sets. The dolls above are mine and zaithat ‘s (as the rest of our group sodded off repeatedly so alas no photos of the larger group). Sadly I also didn’t get any of the second little doll I bought as I decided at the absolute last moment to get her(?) so I’ll have to try to take some this week. The effort in the sets was clear and they were a great thing to have!

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GIF of my book for Challenge Three:  Angel’s Lore

Den of Angels Great Triathlon


My DoA contest entries :) I didn’t win, but it was fun and I am burning the triathlon ones as soon as trash day comes along

I’m glad I can finally post everything, it was really tough not to slip up and put things online!

Congratulations on all the DoA contest winners!


I participated in the DoA customization contest, didn’t win anything but I’m glad I took a part. :) The head is pretty much dipped in shimmer powder but none of it shows. ^^;

This is Supia Nael, commission for a friend. :3